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MT CEB Lotion 150ml

MT CEB Lotion 150ml

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Powerful lotion with varieties of effect:Whitening, improvement of pores, suppression of sebum secretion,prevention of acne

It is a skin lotion combining the “three major vitamins for beautifying skin” of Vitamin C, E, and Bat high concentrations. It covers major skin troubles, such as pore opening, spots/flecks, and acnes.

○Vitamin C: BIS-GLYCERYL ascorbic acidCeramide synthesis - Pore shrinking
Collagen formation - Anti-wrinkles and pore shrinking Melanin pigment reduction - Fleck reduction Antioxidation - Avoidance of skin trouble

Sebum secretion - Reduces shine and prevent oily skin○Vitamin E: Tocopheryl Phosphate Na
Powerful antioxidation (antioxidation of the skin lipid)○Vitamin B group

Vitamin B6 - Suppression of sebum secretion, Ceramide synthesis
- Improvement of immune function, and collagen formation

Niacinamide - Promotion of Ceramide synthesis Inositol - Cell protection
○Other ingredients
Glycylglycine - prevent skin roughness

Saw palmetto fruit oil - Sebum secretion


“CEB”という名前のとおり、美肌づくりに欠かせない3大ビタミン、「ビタミンC」※1 、「ビタミンE」※2 、「ビタミンB」※3 を高濃度に配合したリッチな化粧水です。

※1 ビスグリセリルアスコルビン酸(製品の抗酸化成分)
※2 トコフェリルリン酸Na(製品の抗酸化成分)
※3 ピリドキシン環状リン酸(整肌成分)、ビオチン(保湿成分)


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