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peu a beaute Short Spats Supporter / スパッツサポーター

peu a beaute Short Spats Supporter / スパッツサポーター

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Gently fits the body to give the ideal body line.
Cover from upper waist, hips till ankles. You can achieve your ideal body shape simply by wearing optoelectronic fiber and wearing it even while sleeping. In addition, high-quality combed yarn is used throughout the product,to gently fit your body and a comfortable design that you can wear for a long time.
Use your own body temperature as a heat source to balance your body temperature and wear it at any time you can get rid of water retention and refresh your body!

I recommend this to people who feel/are:
・I'm worried about water retention and cellulite
・I always feel cold
・I want to get a slimmer waist
・I want to my hips to have better shape
・I want my calves to look slimmer
・I want to increase my metabolism

How to use:
You can wear it for everyday, during the day, or while you sleep.
You can feel the effect even more when you use it with Night socks. 
M 87-95 cm
L 92-100 cm


79% cotton, 18% polyester, 3% nylon





M 87~95㎝
L 92~100㎝